Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Reflections

Such a busy end of this week getting ready for vacation in a bit.  I love that with all the planning, I don't have to worry about our dogs.  We have a wonderful friend who takes care of our dogs in our home.  So much less hassle for us, finding a great kennel can be a challenge.  Less stress for our dogs, they get to stay in their own home and we can relax on vacation knowing they are well taken care of.  That relief is amazing, and we are truly grateful for her presence in our lives.

So my week has been filled with the chores or planning and packing.  But I am just so excited to be headed back to the ocean once again, ahhhh.

It isn't quite so early this Friday morning, with all the planning and preparation comes exhaustion, I am TIRED!  So I didn't make it to my computer quite as early, it is now 7:24.  I have already journaled and meditated and have a cuppa tea brewing.

Listening to:  I picked out Anna Fritz and The Gospel of Tree Bark. I just love this soulful song, she is amazing and I find this song relaxing, just the music I need as I plan and pack and get ready for my own retreat, a journey back to my soul.  I hope you enjoy it as well.

Watching:  I just watched The Hundred-Foot Journey.  Amazing.  I loved the scenery, I loved the story, and can I just say the knew cracking eggs could look so sexy!  I wanted to jump in there and taste all that food! YUM!

If you have a chance this is a wonderful movie. Go see it! Definitely worth the big screen price, don't wait for it to come out on dvd.

Good things this week:  Mom's Night Out.  I do enjoy getting together with friends, so much laughter, and talking and fun.  It is just refreshing.

I ran again this week with no hip pain.  For the past couple of months I have switched to biking, because after running my hip was just throbbing and nothing seemed to help.  So I stopped.  But this past week I ran a couple of miles and no hip pain afterward.  I am not jumping back into running daily but it was a great sign, and so nice to feel good again.  For now the bike will remain my companion, but I hope to ease back into some running again as well.

Planning for a beach trip is always a good thing, hard work yes, but so worth it!

And now back to packing.  Have a great week everyone!

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Sarah Broadfoot said...

Thanks for the introduction to Anna Fritz - love both the song and the video. Enjoy the packing!