Thursday, August 7, 2014

Foggy Mornings

It is so beautiful out here on a foggy morning.  I never thought I would be saying that, growing up I hated foggy mornings.  Growing up in Maine, it rained a lot, and seemed to be always chilly or just so cold.  I do NOT like the cold, not at all, and add in a damp morning to the cold and it seemed to sink in so deep inside, that I thought I would never be warm again.

But here it is so mysterious and magical.  I love foggy mornings here in North Carolina, and generally the fog only lasts a few precious hours, as the sun rises over the tree line and things warm up all around.

Looking through the fog, for me, is like seeing the world around me through the sheer curtains that hung in my family's living room growing up. The furnace vent was right under that window, so I would sit and warm up while I looked at the world for hours. Here in North Carolina I enjoy sitting by my herb garden watching the fog lift from the pasture below.  Seeing the tree line emerge, and the hills beyond come into view.  Beautiful, refreshing, invigorating, peaceful beginning to my day.

More pictures of my morning.

My outdoor meditation space

Howard doing what Howard does best (isn't he handsome)

I hope your morning is equally beautiful and memorable!

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