Monday, July 7, 2014

The Little Things

Those two photos are taken in my house in the living room.  I have my mom's piano in there, although none of us play or really want to play.  On top are some things I hold dear, including two vases.  They are locally made vases that my boys bought for me over this past year.  They are such beautiful vases, and have been sitting on this piano, empty for quite a few months now, one on either end.  And while they are beautiful empty, it just felt like they needed something.  I have been telling myself that I am waiting until I see the perfect dried flowers for the vases.  Because those will last.  But really do the flowers need to last.  

While I was grocery shopping I spied, in their floral section, some small arrangements. not expensive, these arrangements varied in price but were around $5 each.  So I decided to just pick up two for the vases, and I am so glad I did, that was a few months ago, every couple of weeks I pick up two more arrangements and replace the flowers in those vases.  The vases are so much more beautiful now that they are fulfilling their purpose.  The flowers do not take away from the beauty of the vase but add to it, like a great team, working together.  I am really enjoying having the flowers in the house, I look at them every day.  The flowers make me smile, they brighten the room and I think of my boys and how much it means to me to have them in my life, how much the boys enrich my life.  Sometimes it's the little things.

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