Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Taking it all In

Oh these last few months have brought changes in my life, for the better.  Learning how to let go, try on new ideas, thoughts, and processes.  Changes that are physical, emotional, spiritual, and social.  And for this introvert change can be hard, reaching outside myself can really take effort and energy. Energy that, at times, I feel I don't have.  Working toward a more loving and gentle relationship with myself, has led to gentle and loving relationships with others.  Reaching toward a true sense of myself, and what it is I am passionate about, helps me in so many other areas of my life, as mother and wife, helps me to encourage those around me to be true to themselves as well.

Growth can be permanent or temporary but does require work, I may try things on for size and decide they just don't fit with who I am.  This is the time of year for growth, and a great time in my life for growth.  It is amazing watching my boys as they grow and change, try things on.  It really brings it all home and I am so enjoying taking it all in. Taking in the process in my life, taking in the process in the lives of others, is just amazing to observe. Having my daily self care rituals truly helps me stay grounded in the moment, and rooted in my life, rooted in the things that I know to be true for me, while at the same time providing a base for trying on new things.

As I do try new endeavors, I find that I need periods of rest as well.  Maintaining my rituals, and caring deeply for myself, provides a constant refueling.  Taking it all in at times doesn't look like an active process.  I need down time to evaluate how things are going, check in with myself.  But it is all good.  The growth and the reflection, progress toward a truer sense of self.

Beautiful candle and charger.  Gift from a friend, and I love it.  It is just so peaceful.

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