Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The sunrise was so beautiful this morning.  I went outside to soak up all the beautiful rays and got a couple of pictures while I was out.

I had never been an early bird, I was always a "stay up late" kind of person.  When I worked outside the home, I preferred the evening or night shifts.  When we adopted our wonderful dog Ellis, everything changed, as he was/is NOT a night owl.  So I am up every morning around 5 or 6.  This has become my part of my routine, it is rare that I miss the sunrise.  Even on those occasions when the dogs do sleep in, my body is now so attuned to getting up early that I can't follow their lead.

I think I would miss seeing the sunrise, and the moonset, each morning.  It is spectacular, and changes with the weather and seasons.  I should take more pictures of the early morning on those days, when the sun is just a blur though the fog, or the fall leaves add to the spectacular fiery beauty of the sunrise. It is amazingly beautiful.

It is not Sunday, but these photos are straight out of the camera.

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