Friday, July 11, 2014

So GLAD it's Friday!

I am just so happy this morning that it is FRIDAY!  Not sure why, as for me, in my life right now, Friday is like all other days.  Maybe it is because Jackson is not on call this weekend.

When Jackson is on call for the weekend he is generally at work for half a day, Saturday and Sunday.  Even when he is home, though, his attention is still at work.  He attention, his focus is not at home.  I never feel like he is present with us, his family, when he is on call.  So Jackson NOT being on call this weekend is a big thing for us, as a family.

Maybe the "weekend" feeling stems from years of school.  It was always such a big deal to be "off for the weekend", even though I generally enjoyed school.  I do remember the knot in my stomach on Sunday night, just thinking about going back to school Monday morning.

I don't know where it comes from, but that feeling of "YES IT IS FRIDAY" feels good.  The weekend is coming up, the Farmer's Market on Saturday.  Hanging out with Jackson and the boys, doing nothing or doing something, who knows right now.  I just love the peaceful feeling I get when I know it is Friday.

Love these foggy mornings, you can see the fog lifting off the hills onto another beautiful FRIDAY!

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