Friday, July 4, 2014


Just a few thoughts this beautiful Independence Day.  It is so sunny outside today, not a cloud in the sky at the moment.  I mean really the sky is just a solid shade of beautiful cool blue, a slight breeze in the air and a comfortable 76 degrees,  LOVELY!  I think today is just going to be a nice quiet day for us today.  We generally don't attend any fireworks or picnics.  Usually Jackson is on call but not today.  So that is nice, no pager going off, no rounds, no visits to the hospital, so he can relax and be present, be at home.

I am not feeling any more patriotic today than any other day, and despite the sadness I feel at the way some things are turning, at the moment, in this country and in North Carolina in particular, I do not feel powerless. Actually I feel powerful!  I know *I* can choose where to spend my money, how to vote and where to focus my energy.  I am powerful and all is good.

Independence Day for me means hope for the future. Knowing that, things in general, are never stagnant and are always in a state of change.  As history has shown us, we may take a step backward now and again but in the end we move forward toward a place of more love and honest respect, even though I may not see it at times.

There are so many issues in my mind right now, changes taking place on the local, state, and national level.  But seeing people taking a stand gives me hope.  Whatever side of any issue a person is on, seeing/reading/hearing their point of view, their voice, even if I have a completely differing opinion, gives me hope.  It means people out there still care, care enough to say something, care enough to do something, care enough to form an opinion.  I think when we are all silent, then hope may be lost.

So I do feel patriotic, every day.  I think having served in the military gives me a different sense of patriotism, something I never had prior. And I know those of you that are or have served, know what I mean.  Jackson and I have talked about this feeling before.  How you can't help but tear up when you hear the Star-Spangled Banner, a deeper/different sense of country.  I guess, for me, it isn't a sense of pride in what the United States of America is right at this moment (good or bad), it isn't a sense of being somehow a "superior" nation.  It is more a sense of kinship with all those soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, that have come before me, that are serving now and those that will serve in the future.  It is the belief in what the constitution stands for.  It is the HOPE for the future.

The following pics have really nothing to do with this post but it was such a nice day outside I snapped a few photos:

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