Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Mother's Comfort

My mom knows just when I need her.  I have times when I just miss her so much. Someone will say something, or I will see something, or sometimes it just washes over me, and I will feel her absence more.  But she knows just when I need to hear her.  She will send me a sign.  Her writing on a piece of paper, or I will run across her picture, or her signature on my quilt.  Those things just pop up when I need to see them, when I least expect it.  She knows when I need her.  She knows it will bring some comfort to my heart.
This is her note on a quilt she made for me.  This is the note I spotted a couple of days ago while making the bed.  I had forgotten she signed it, but that was just what I needed to hear!

This is a plant pot she painted for me YEARS ago.  There isn't a house plant in it currently but I hang onto the pot because I need to read the note from time to time.

This is my mom's banana bread recipe.  I do have quite a few of her recipes in her own handwriting, but this one is used frequently.  If you click on the picture it will bring it up larger and you can read the recipe.  It is delicious.  

I know how much this means to me, so I make sure to leave notes for my boys and sign the quilts I make for them. 

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