Monday, July 21, 2014

Dear 15 Year Old ME....

.....i wanted to let you know that things do get better.  I know you don't understand all that is going on right now, or how to stop it, but you will find your voice.  You will say no, you will make it stop and you will not let this stop you from your goals, your dreams, your future.  You will not stay stuck in this moment in time, but, with grace, you will rise above.  You will not only stop what is happening to you, but the possibility of it happening to others.  You have courage beyond your imagination.

This will not be the only difficult time you will face, and actually, with perspective, this will not seem like the most difficult time at all.  But it is through these difficult life events that you grow spiritually, and emotionally. These struggles will make you an amazing person, with such compassion and strength.  A person who always seems to persevere through the struggles and come out stronger and more loving than before.  These give you perspective, help you to see life is not black or white, right or wrong.

You will meet amazing people, share dreams, see the world, and find the soul you were meant to spend your life with, you will have beautiful children that will challenge everything you thought you knew about parenting, and joyfully you will bend, and change and find the best way to parent ever. The struggles that come before, leave you open to this change, to the possibility of change, to embracing the change.

So even though in this moment you don't see a way through, one appears.  A way through that leads to an awesome life full of peace.  And people appear to lean on, take advantage of those people.  You are building yourself, and all that is to come.

~Love 48 Year Old Me

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