Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 Things You Might Not Know About ME

1.  I have a tattoo.  Got this tat more than 10 years ago.  It is small, and represents Jackson, the boys and me.  Jackson has a matching one.  I want another tattoo, but can't decide exactly what.

2.  I have always wanted to paint.  I enjoy taking acrylics and making a mess, seeing what comes out of it.  This has been a secret desire since I was very young, and it is just now coming out at the age of 48.  You should never wait that long to express your passion.

3.  I hated reading in school.  I was a slow reader back then, and would cringe when books were assigned.  I would freeze, fall behind on the very first day.  It took me years to start reading again, for pleasure this time, books of my choosing.  Now I enjoy reading, and am actually a fast reader.

4.  I sometimes miss writing letters.  It is so nice to receive a card or letter in the mail, instead of bills.  So there are times I will just take out a card and write a random letter to a friend.

5.  My friends ARE part of my family.

6.  As much as I love books, the actual paper page, I am moving to digital books.  In my head it just makes sense to save that paper, in my heart I still love turning pages and seeing how far I have come and how much there is left to the story by looking at the size of the book and where my book mark falls in all of that.

7.  I have a love for office supply stores, I could live in an office supply store, all that ORGANIZATION!

8.  Also related to number 7, I savor the smell of new plastic.  When we walk into an office supply store that smell hits me and I will say "smells like a new barbie".  So maybe it is the memory it evokes.

9.  Knitting reminds me of my mom.  When I sit and knit I can picture her sitting on the end of the couch watching TV and knitting, the cat playing with the yarn as my mom pulls it out of the skein.

10.  I cherish my grey hair.

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Lori said...

That reminds me, I love the smell of a new book. Yeah, I'm weird that way. Lol.