Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

Seems like all over social media the *thing* right now, is broadcasting random acts of kindness.  Individually and then again as a compilation of "This Restores My Faith in Humanity".  But does it really? These acts of kindness are everywhere with long notes and pictures included.  It isn't enough to put a bag over someone's open car window during a rain storm, now it must be accompanied by a long note saying, "I saw your window was open and put this bag over the opening so that the inside of your car wouldn't get wet...." with an anonymous signature line like "your neighbor" or "an anonymous friend".  So why do this, why attach some long, thought out note?  It isn't enough to see the car window open and put a bag over it?  Did the person think that the owner of the vehicle would not notice?

Do we do these acts because we are truly concerned for our fellow traveler, just a real act of kindness?  Or do we need some notice, some proclamation of our good deed?  Would we continue to see other's as fellow human beings if there was no camera ready, no facebook or myspace?  What if there was no one around except the recipient of the good deed, would we still be as willing to give of ourselves, even if it is just a few minutes and a plastic bag?  Would it be enough to know that someone's books didn't get wet inside the car because one person covered that window?  Or that someone's personal items were not stolen our of trunk of the car because we took a couple of seconds to close it?  Do we need other's to know and acknowledge our gift?  Does the sign/letter/note make us, as the givers, somehow feel more peaceful, proud or heroic?  Does it inspire others to go out and give a little of themselves or does it serve no purpose at all?

I have never understood the need for a letter of explanation as to an act of kindness that was done and why, shouldn't the act itself be explanation enough.

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