Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Neighbors

Wow, what a change.  This past fall a man stopped by our house to introduce himself.  He just bought the land adjacent to our property.  He told me a little about his family, he is married and has two children, living in a sub division.  He wanted to move rural, no one else around, just out in the wilderness.  His wife was not as enthused by the idea, so the compromise was to buy this piece of property, outside city limits, build a home back away from the road in the woods.  I asked a few questions about where he was planning to build and if he was planning to cut many of the trees.  He assured me he wanted his own privacy as much as we wanted ours, and the plan was to cut down just enough trees for their home.  He did show me where he was planning to build, and where the driveway would be.  Which was quite far away from the property line.

Jackson and I did talk about it, that he seemed really nice, and that with his goals, it seemed like they would be good neighbors.  Although, had we known the land was for sale we would have bought it ourselves, it would have been a great addition to the almost 12 acres we have now.  But oh well, that's how it goes.

After winter we could start to see progress, a driveway going in.  Yes indeed quite far from the property line. Then for months, no progress at all. Suddenly the chain saws started up.  The boys asked me about it.  I relayed what the owner had said and we discussed, in order to put in a driveway and house, some land would need to be cleared.

OK fast forward to today, the chain saws are waking the boys up in the morning.  Dawn to dusk.  And the logging trucks run non stop all day, taking beautiful trees out.  We are starting to see now, the clear cutting that is going on next door.  All the red clay becoming visible, like a blanket being unrolled on the hill, as the forest is cut.  It is so sad.  It is not what he said was going to happen, it is brutal. It is much closer than their driveway and house lot. I hate it, it makes me cry. So much for new neighbors.  So much for privacy.

As you can see there is lots of cutting going on.  Before you couldn't see any dirt, it was all forest.  And it gets worse by the minute, as every few hours another truck load of logs comes off the property.  Where the driveway is and house will be is on the other side of that hill.  Just a little too close.  The trees in the foreground are ours.  So there will be a little line of sparse trees to "block" our view.  I am sad.


Wenwe said...

I am sad with you.

Lisa Genant said...

I sympathize with you. I like privacy. I try not to focus on the new improvements my neighbor makes. I ignore it or block it out somehow.