Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Litha is Here

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration for Litha, the Summer Solstice.  Summer is here, what a time to celebrate.  We had a quiet day here at home.  I changed out my altar, invigorating the space, time for growth.

The fabrics on my altar remind me of the sunshine, and of course the candles do as well.  I added a small painting that represents growth, full of the colors of summer.  I added a nice votive holder in the center.  I just really like the flower cut outs on the front, a perfect representation of summer, and the color is so green with vitality.  

I know for many summer means HEAT!  The bright, hot sun of summer, and with temps here in the mid-90s most days, it can seem exhausting.  But let's remember what Litha is about, what this season brings into our lives.  Remember back at Ostara when you were planting the seeds, thinking about new things you wanted to bring into your life and cultivate, a new job maybe, or a new relationship.  Those wonderful ideas of possibility.  Now is the time to continue to cultivate, work on your space, inside and out.  Let things bloom, and grow.  Figure out what is working and what is not.

For me summer means swimming in the pool, at least one trip to the ocean, picking wild herbs and enjoying the bounty of the garden.  It means expanding my interests, trying out the different creative endeavors that I have been pondering, nourishing relationships, figuring out in which ones I would like to invest my energy.

It is also a time to weed.  Weeding my many gardens.  Losing the painting methods I am not drawn to. Letting go of relationships that are not nourishing to my soul, reevaluating my daily self care ritual.  I have to remind myself that letting go allows more space for those new opportunities to enter my life.  We need to do this from time to time.  

So evaluate where you are right now, what is working, what is not.  What is nourishing, what is not. Let the joy of summers growth fill your heart, let things blossom and grow for you.  Revitalize your many spaces!

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