Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Listen to Your Body

It is so important to be in tune with our bodies.  I generally feel like I am, but also I tend to "push through" a lot of illnesses.  I mean I am a mom so that is what we do.  Sometimes I know things aren't quite right but if I can't put my finger on the exact problem I will push it to the side.  I realized some time ago that the feeling "things aren't quite right" is my body's way of nudging me to take it easy, rest, think consciously about what I am eating and how much water I am drinking.  I need to be better at taking action when those nudges start knocking.  I know that when I don't take action, my body will start communicating louder, with a whisper in my ear, or a tap on the shoulder.  I have also learned that if I ignore those my body will eventually scream at me and force me to slow down.

I think I have done well over the years to avoid that scream.  Sometimes it isn't easy, sometimes I can't figure out what is wrong.  But I do try.  This past weekend was a "failure to communicate".  Sunday was father's day, so the boys and I celebrated the wonderful father/husband in our lives.  I wasn't feeling quite right all day.  But didn't want to put a damper on anything so I pushed those feelings to the side.  It wasn't horrible, just a little nudge, lack of energy and a little ache in my right leg.  And as usual, my body didn't like being ignored so Sunday night, it was really tapping me on the shoulder, leg aches, and some abdominal cramping. Nothing I couldn't live with, but I definitely knew something wasn't right.

I figured a good night sleep would take care of it, since I had not slept well the last few nights.  Woke the next morning still feeling a little out of sorts, but much less so than the night before.  My body was back to nudging me, saying "keep resting", "slow down".  Not sure why, but I ignored those nudges that morning and went on my way with my painting, meditating (should have really picked up on my body's cues then), couldn't seem to get in the groove that morning but went to exercise anyway.  That went well, but on my way home my body started screaming at me.  Just aches all over, fever, chills, OK so lesson learned.  I took it easy that afternoon.  Tea, GF toast, resting in bed with my two lovable pugs to keep me company, napping, I know all will be well.  I need to practice not only listening to my body but taking it seriously. We all need to listen to those nudges, check in daily to see how our bodies are feeling, not wait for the scream in our ear.

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