Monday, June 9, 2014

Journey into Journaling

I have been journaling now, daily, for about 4 months.  This is so new to me but something I have wanted for so long.  Everyone I know or read about that keeps a journal raves about how healing it is, how cleansing it is, and the satisfaction they pull from looking at stacks of journals, filled with the mundane and not so mundane thoughts that run through their heads.

I so wanted that for myself.  I have always loved journals, the look, the feel and the smell of a new journal.  I have kept a journal off and on but for never more than a few days at a time....fill up those first few pages, then put it down somewhere to be forgotten.  I have quite a few around the house here, and I remember getting the "dear diary" as a child, with the little lock and key, didn't write in those either.

I signed up to take a journaling workshop, online, not expecting a whole lot, but maybe some tips on figuring out a journaling practice I could keep up with, that would bring me all the joy others seem to experience.  The workshop was created and hosted by Susannah Conway, it was relatively inexpensive so I jumped in to see what would come of it.  I loved this workshop, she is just so full of not only prompts, but how to take prompts deeper, look further, explore more.  As well as different techniques when journaling, how to find your own groove, how to create a practice and the most amazing interviews with others that journal in different ways.

Who knew there were so many different ideas for journaling.  I have settled nicely into a daily morning brain cleansing for the most part.  Every morning I take some time, as long as I need, to clear out my brain.  So all the todo lists, dreams, thoughts, fears get written down, anything and everything I have on my mind.  If there is anything that I can't seem to get rid of, or comes up with I am meditating, I take it further, and work on Intuitive Journaling.

With Intuitive Journaling I first write down the question I have, the worry, the fear, the nagging idea.  Write it all down in my journal.  I think about it for a few minutes, then I start writing as fast as I can write.  I start out with the obvious "stuff", everything I have been consciously thinking about the question, the answers that pop into my head, what other people might tell me about this fear, what logic tells me is true.  Those are the easy things and the things I have probably been already telling myself over and over.  Then I can feel a shift happen.  I don't stop writing, but when I am out of the obvious, I can feel my intuitive side take over.  I write down the things that pop into my head, if they make sense or don't make sense.  And generally in here some where my writing changes from the first person perspective to the third person.  And it feels as if my intuition is talking to my conscious self.  Telling me what is really going on, what I need to hear, or need to do/feel/think through.

I have so fallen in love with Intuitive Journaling and find it so helpful when I have concerns rolling around in my head.  I have found new perspectives I hadn't considered before, new ideas, new options....Amazing.

I am enjoying my new journey with journaling.  Something I had just thought was not for me.  I love seeing the journals pile up, I love looking back over some days, exploring the deeper feelings in my soul.  This is one of the last pieces I added to my self care routine, and have found it really nourishing. So if you have wondered what a daily practice of journaling would be like, but can't seem to make the pieces fit, I encourage you to take a short workshop, read about and see how others maintain their journaling practice, start slowly exploring the different techniques for journaling and figure out what is right for you.  I know how much I enjoy journaling and I put pen to paper every day and don't look back.

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