Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bringing It All Together

That can be a challenge. Collecting all these pieces and creating a routine to take care of yourself.  Yes, you the mom with little children, you the working woman, you need to take time to nourish yourself, your body, your spirit and your heart.  Start now and it only gets better.  I know it is hard to find that time, so many things pulling in different directions.  And many of us women, are almost raised to be martyrs.  To sacrifice our own joy for that of our families. Put ourselves on the back burner...."you will have time later".  But you know if you take the time now, even a few minutes a day, it will strengthen your todays, and "later" will be that much more wonderful.

1.  Make a list, think about all the things we have talked about and more that are important to you
2.  Prioritize
3.  Figure out what really lights your fire
4.  Start small, with just one element

For me it was essential to start small and simple.  For many it might be easier to jump into a larger routine, but I knew I needed something doable in the NOW, that I could easily fit into my schedule TODAY.  I built on that over time, but starting out small, for me, set me up for success.  And when I fall a little short from time to time, I am still energized by all the days prior and those to come.

I started out with meditation, and initially it wasn't every day, I would forget or get busy.  I soon realized it had to be first thing in the morning, so I made that change right away.  I also looked for a few guided meditations I could do, and some deep breathing exercises I could use when time was shorter.  This became a ritual for me, something I practice daily, but also can go to at any point when I just need a couple of minutes to relax, deep breath, gather myself, or slow down.  That is how I started.  Once that became my daily go to, something I didn't have to think about, something I really looked forward to and missed when it didn't happen first thing in the morning, I added more.

Now I include meditation, journaling, art journaling or painting, resistance exercises, aerobic exercises, and lotion for my feet at night.  For me those nourish by body, my spirit and my heart.  For you, you might have other priorities.  You might decide that you only have 15 minutes right now, each day and exercise is most important, or maybe gardening is most important. Make that list, start somewhere, start now.  See how it feels to nourish and care for yourself. You will not regret that decision.

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