Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Where I Knit

Today Dallen and I decided to have a cuppa tea at The Grind Cafe and Coffeehouse, in downtown Morganton.  Not as peaceful and serene as the River View Cafe on the Greenway, The Grind has more foot traffic, more people, a little bit rushed and not quite as much space.  But we enjoyed the change of scenery, and watching people walk by, families out shopping.  I brought my knitting and crocheting along.  One woman stopped and watched me crochet.  Just a little creepy...I said hello and she said she was just watching me, so she did just that.  Stood there for about 5 minutes watching over my shoulder while she waited for her coffee, and for the rest of her family to be ready to leave.  I am not used to that, LOL.  Here is a picture of one corner of the coffeeshop from our table.  You can see out the window, people walking by.

I am really coming along nicely on the wrap I showed you last week.  I am about 3/4 done and hope to have it done by the end of this week and should have a nice finished picture for you.  It is just turning out so beautifully, a nice summer wrap.   Here is a picture of the edging, not blocked yet, but you can still see the nice pattern.

And below is another scarf I am knitting.  This is again that linen stitch, it just makes a nice winter scarf, and since this will be a Christmas gift I wanted a pattern that would keep someone nice and toasty!  And this is it!!   I am loving these colors together, very natural feeling, soft and warm and close to nature.  

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