Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where I Knit

This is where I was knitting, actually I was crocheting this project, on Friday.  You might not be able to see it well, I am just starting this project.  It will be a very lacy shawl, the yarn is a thread weight yarn I picked up just before our vacation, at O Suzannah's Yarn on Union, here in Morganton.  The colors are just so beautiful, lavender, blue, and teal, lovely richness.  The pattern is a simple V stitch for the body of the shawl, working from center back out to the end with a more intricate pattern on the edge.   If you are on Ravelry you can find the pattern HERE .  It is a scarf pattern, I am making it larger, using a thread weight yarn instead of the yarn in the pattern, and a smaller hook size.  If you are not on Ravelry you can sign up for free.  I am crocheting on our way back from New Orleans.  About a 12 hour drive, and my husband always wants to drive, so I generally sit and work on projects.  At this point in time we are traveling through Alabama on I-65/I-85, and there is really nothing to look at but lots of trees.  I love trees but after a few hours.....well yeah.....I get a lot done!  

In the picture below you can see the finished scarf I showed you last week.  I love how it turned out, finished trimming the fringe this morning.  You can make it as wide as you like, or as wide as your yarn will take you.  I really enjoy seeing the linen stitch appear.  This scarf will not be appearing in my etsy shop.  It is a Christmas gift, so it will be going into my gift basket for later.  OK so yes, I like to think about Christmas gifts and have them made or bought early.  I like to dedicate November/December to family and friends in a different way, so I try to be ahead of the game where gifts fit in.  

Below you can see a pair of socks I finished on the way down to New Orleans.  These are a luscious, rich color...purples and blues.  These socks are now in my etsy shop.  This yarn also is from O Suzannah's Yarn on Union.  I buy almost all my yarn from this shop.  I try to buy local (think I have mentioned that before) when I can, so if you buy something from my shop you are helping me, as well as helping the small business owners from which I buy my materials.  

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