Friday, May 30, 2014


Beautiful wedding this past weekend.  Jackson and I do not live near family, so weddings, for us, are few and far between.  So it was especially nice to be able to attend a friend's wedding.  She was, of course, a beautiful bride and he was the handsome groom. I cried, as usual, when her father walked her down the aisle.  And it does make me think about my wedding and marriage.

I do remember how stressful a wedding is, all the planning and details mixed with the nervousness and excitement.  And we are always told that the wedding is easy compared to the marriage.  But just like having children, you never really know until you are there, living in the moment, working daily on a great marriage.  I wouldn't change anything for the world.  My life is such a wonder filled journey, and I can't imagine sharing it with anyone else.

Our wedding was very formal and traditional, we were both in the military at the time, so lots of pomp and circumstance.  Watching this simple and beautiful wedding, Jackson and I were talking about what we loved about it, and how much we have changed.  How this wedding style is more of our style now, simple, and out in nature. The decorations were very natural, and beautiful. It was at a park, and so close to nature and the spirit flowing all around. Jackson has mentioned a couple of times before about renewing our vows, and I tell him the same thing each time.  "I remember and meant the vows I said the first time.  I don't need a 'refresher'."  But maybe we should think about it again. Maybe just he and I with no one else around, writing vows that are more true now.  Like "I promise to share my journey with you forever, and when the road gets rocky to continue to always turn towards you and our commitment."  Will have to think about that.

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