Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Altar

A couple of days ago I showed you all a picture of one of my past summer altars. So today I thought I would show you my current Spring altar.

My altar sits on a glass shelf in my bedroom, in a little cubby.  The photo didn't turn out wonderful but you get the idea.  You will see that some items are the same. My votive candles have burned down, yes I use candles a lot, so I have replaced the votives with a purple jar candle. The spiral in the front center is something that I made, that I really like, copper and glass beads.  I made it to hang in my window but for now it sits on my altar as a reminder of my creative side.  The stones in the back left are just various stones from different things, but the bowl is something that by husband gave me for Christmas one year, a beautiful wooden bowl.  He know how I love nature so this brings some of that nature into my sacred space.

I have an altar cloth I crocheted myself from yarn I picked up at the local yarn shop, O Suzannah's Yarn on Union, here in Morganton.  I thought the colors just represented Spring so well, the beautiful pastel colors.  You can see two painted eggs in front of the wooden bowl, we picked up those eggs while we were in Germany, they represent all the new possibilities Spring brings with it.  In the center back and right back are a couple of oil burners.  On top of one you can see a few vials, just some herbs and scents that bring a sense of calm.  To the right you can see a rose quartz, to keep my space free of negative energy and full of healing.  Leaning on the rose quartz, you can barely see them, are two beads, by boys bought me one year, and in front of that is a necklace.

To the right is a letter opener, it has a Goddess on top, and she is so lovely.  That was a gift from a dear friend.  I think the Goddess brings such a powerful energy as well as reminding me of the love of my friends.
Hanging from either side on the walls, are just a couple of dolls that were handmade and gifted to me.  These dolls and the women who made them are strong, centered women.  Last but certainly not least, are the shells in the front left in the picture.  These just remind me of my home in Maine, and life on the ocean.  I love the ocean, so these bring that love any time I need or want it.  All I have to do is look at my altar.  I will sometimes meditate in front of my altar, although it isn't my usual meditation space.  I do light the candles often, and just sit and think in front of my altar.  Think about my day, the days to come....release fear or anger, fill up with calm and purpose.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed looking at my altar.  And if you don't already, maybe it will inspire you to start your own altar practice, celebrate the changing seasons.  You will see how powerful an altar can be.  If you want to get started but don't have the time to gather your own supplies, I am offering the Summer kits in my etsy shop, you can see a link in the sidebar.  Enjoy your day everyone!

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