Thursday, May 22, 2014

Self Care-What Is It and Why Is It Important

I hear those words thrown around quite frequently these days, *self care*, but it has taken me some time to figure out what that means to me, and how to implement self care into my daily routine, make it important.  I have always taken bits of time here and there for things I enjoy, like knitting, or quilting.  Maybe a day to take a walk just by myself.  But creating a simple, daily routine for myself has been such a blessing to my life.  It really has woken up my inner Goddess and sparked a fire.

I am not one to open up easily, show parts of myself to everyone.  I am generally a private person, and really only share those more sacred parts with family and a few close friends.  But I am stepping outside my comfort zone. I thought I would do a short series of blog posts dedicated to my process, where self care is concerned.  What it means to me, why it is important, how it works in my daily life.  My goal is to shed some light on my process so that more women will find that space within their lives for a self care routine, and find ideas or sparks of truth within the words I share.

For me self care is a sacred space, it is a time I dedicate to taking care of my spiritual, emotional and physical being.  That may not happen all at once, and some things don't happen daily, but it happens, there is a plan (not that my plan doesn't change as I go along) in place, the intention is set.  Having this plan and setting my intentions, sets my self care as important, not something that can be bumped first if something else comes up.

My routine really sets my life on fire.  It provides such a solid base for me, from which to move forward, it is my basis for discovering parts of myself I never knew existed, parts of myself that have been dormant for so many years, and also parts of myself that I want to change as I mold the image of who I would like to be and become.

Taking care of myself sets me as a priority in my life, something everyone should do.  What does *self care* mean to you?  How important is it for you to put *you* as a priority in your life?  Why is that important in your life?   Those are a few key questions I asked myself while I was developing my routine.  And I dug out my journal and just wrote pages about this, why I wanted to create a routine and put myself first, make myself a priority.  I encourage anyone interested in developing their own self care routine to ask these questions, really think about how important it is to dedicate time in your life for your own exploration and growth.  Dig out that journal, blog, a scrap piece of paper, art journal, or vision board and really take that time to answer those questions. You are worth it!

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