Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Meditation Space

I don't think I have shown you into my meditation space.  This corner of our dining room held an animal habitat for a very long time.  It had been vacant for quite a few months and I couldn't figure out what exactly to do with the space.  It looked a little odd empty, but I wanted to wait and just see what presented itself. I knew something wonderful was just waiting around the corner. 

Up until this point I had been meditating in the living room. Not at all a bad space but just a little more difficult to get in a great seated position.  I had brought a few of my art supplies up to the dining room to work on through the winter, just warmer in the dining room, so I started using this space in the morning to meditate before I started art journaling.  I worked into a nice morning/me routine, slowly bringing in a few of the things I like into the space. So rather than needing to fill the space, I filled the space with the things I need. 

I have a few comfy pillows, my cushion, a small rug from our time in Germany, a couple of candles, a clear quartz crystal, and a sea shell. When I wake up in the morning I put the tea pot on and start my tea steeping. Then I sit for a while and just breathe, grab my tea and sit down to work in my art journal, then open up my writing journal and write, followed by e mails and a little computer time. A very nice morning routine.

Next I will have to show you the art I have planned for the walls. I highly encourage everyone to carve out some "me" time every day. It is so invigorating and energizing. For me, the morning, just sets my whole day off right. 

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