Monday, May 19, 2014

Artwork For My Space

This is the artwork I have chosen for my meditation space. I am not sure you can see them really well in the photos but the top picture has two pieces. The left is a three dimensional piece with a woman's face surrounded by ivy. Beautiful! It is just such a calming piece for me, instantly brings me back to nature and a calmness washes over me. I picked that one up from a vendor a the Southeast Women's Herbal Conference. On the right is a photograph of a wolf. So powerful and mysterious. When you look at this you can't help but feel like you can accomplish anything!  

The painting below is one I painted. Just a reminder of the changing seasons. I love the colors, and of course the mermaid Goddess in the center, she just always calls to my heart, knows exactly what I need.  That is what I have right now! Not hanging yet. Waiting for them to tell me it's time.

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