Thursday, January 2, 2014


My word for 2014 is "release".

I have never been a person to set a word or make resolutions.  But this year I decided to go for that "word of the year", something that reflects the direction I want to move toward, a word that sums up the way my feelings are leaning at this moment.  Of course I may change my mind mid-March and decide this word isn't reflective of my spirit anymore, who knows.

But release....there it is....a simple word that can mean so many things.  For me it is about releasing what is not serving me at this place in time, and making room for the things I desire.  Room for those things to come out, play, hang around.  Try new things on for size.  I have written a lot in my journal about this lately (no I am not one to keep a journal either but this last week has left room for me to give it a try).

One example is organization.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am highly organized, that is just my comfort zone.   I would like to release some of that organization.  I would also like to organize more in some areas.  I think releasing some types of structure and organization in certain areas may open up more room for spontaneity, more time to just "wing it" and see what happens, which might be cool.  Never really tried that.  But there are areas where I would like to be a little more organized, to avoid the crunch time.  Like I would love to have a general packing list for the beach.  We go quite often, and I think pack generally the same things.  But I don't have any "master list" to use.  Some of my friends do.  I make out my lists at the last minute.  Usually two days before we leave, and it leaves me feeling a little stressed.  So I would like to be more organized in that area, and be able to release that feeling of stress before vacation.

So I am not releasing organization all together, just in some areas.

We will see if this "word of the year" thing suits me, will let you know how it goes.  What is your word for 2014?

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