Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I am enjoying this 30 day journal journey, I am hoping some of you are working this alongside me.  I have found, for me, I don't look at the private facebook page at all.  I don't want to know or see how this is working for other people.  I am working a day behind, but doing it daily.  I didn't start until January 2 as the first prompt came later in the day on January 1.  So the one time I looked at the facebook group page, I was really criticizing myself.  I could see what others had already done/journaled for the day and I found myself wondering if my journal entry, was "deep enough", "thoughtful", "artistic" etc.  So I stopped looking at the page.  I am just working on my own, and it is so refreshing, no comparisons.

Yesterday, as an addition to the prompt, I decided to make a soul collage card, instead of collaging in my art journal.  The prompt had me thinking about perfection, and what I am holding back because I want things to be "perfect".  Have you thought about that lately?  And this applies to all aspects of life, what are you holding back, not doing, doing only half way, because you are waiting for the perfect time, the perfect materials, until you skill is perfect......

So after journaling about my perfect/imperfections I dug through the trash can by my desk and quickly pulled out some images and words and glued them down!   This is what came of it:

Which is perfect (LOL)  since the boys and I have been talking lately about what trips we want to take this year.  We have decided to put off any home renovations that are not currently in progress and use that money to take some trips, some major and some minor.  We are making a list of places we want to go.  So this card is a wonderful reminder to not wait for the perfect moment but just go.

This flowed wonderfully with today's prompt about going gently.  See you really should join me.  I am doing these quickly, not waiting for the perfect time, when I have nothing else in the world to do.  I am taking just 5 minutes, sometimes less, to journal.  If I have more time I may get into my paints, if I have less time some colored pencils, no perfection, just getting something on the page, letting the words and art flow.

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