Friday, October 18, 2013

Circle of Friends

I have such a wonderful circle of friends.  They so enrich my life, in ways they probably don't realize.  A circle of women friends, women of all ages, in all stages of life, with such a diversity of backgrounds, histories, spiritual journeys.  It has been a wish of mine, for some time, to find ways to bring us closer, bond us together, connect on deeper levels.  Maybe this stems from losing my mother at such a vital age, when I seemed to need her so much, her insight, her wisdom.  I have two brothers and two sons, so really my women friends are the only real female connections in my life at this moment in time.

I wanted to create a circle ceremony.  A spiritual circle where we could talk, bond, come together with one specific idea/theme/or purpose in mind.  Not a set schedule but just periodically throughout the year.  When there was a need or desire to connect.

I had an idea of what I wanted to provide as a framework.  For a foundation so everyone could contribute their own gifts toward something good, something powerful, something nourishing to the soul.  I didn't want there to be a "leader".

I tried searching online and reading a few books, but really found nothing that fit.  Maybe some just aren't comfortable sharing how their own women's circles work, are created, or the foundation they use for sharing in this way.  Maybe I just wasn't searching in the right places.  But that has brought me here.  Over the next few weeks I hope to share what has worked for us.  The framework I created.  Feel free to use these with your own circle of women, change things around, add/delete, make it your own.  But for some this may be a great starting point.  Something to inspire you to bring your friendships to a deeper level, create community, build a village for this and future generations.  So be looking for that as I type it all out.

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