Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kali and Yemaya

I took these photos for another purpose but thought it was a great opportunity to share them with all of you.  Several months ago I participated in a Goddess seminar series.  It was a wonderful, in depth look at three goddesses and I really loved this time working with them, researching them, learning from them, learning all the good things they had to share.

After working with two of the Goddesses I decided to make a necklace that represents each, and I wear the necklace when I feel I need that particular energy in my life at that moment, just a reminder of all the Goddess has to offer, and the ways in which she can work for and with me.  This is the necklace honoring Kali, Goddess of destruction (among other things).

And this is the necklace I created to honor Yemaya, Goddess of beginnings, and rebirth.

I really enjoyed the process of making these necklaces.  I had thought about it for quite a while before I even went searching for beads.  Just mulling the idea over in my head, and my heart, figuring out what they would look like, what they would feel like.  When I made my trip(s) to the bead store in Morganton, Beads and Other Fancy Stuff, I really had an idea in mind but was also open to letting the beads speak.  Just feeling them and sitting with the colors and feelings for a while.  I actually made several trips and I would leave saying that "I will know when I find the right beads" and of course the women there always agreed with me, the right beads would just be there and make themselves known when the time was right.  I picked up the beads for the Yemaya necklace a few here and there over time.  And found the Kali ones all at once, they just jumped out.  Sounds just like Kali to me.  I still hadn't found the center beads yet, but knew they would come.  Then one day I noticed a glass case that was sitting kind of low, about knee height, under the cash register and other displays. I had never even noticed this display before as there is so much on top, it really obstructs your line of sight, but this shine of silver caught my eye and I just knew those were my beads calling.  When they were brought out of the display case I could tell they were just what I wanted.  You could feel their wonderful Goddess energy from the start.  When I turned over the card they were actually named Kali and the Mermaid.  So they were there calling to me!  How wonderful is that.  I knew the right beads would present themselves at just the right time.  And here they are, in all their beauty!

There is another Goddess series coming up starting July 8. If you are at all interested I think last minute registration is still open!  Join me, I will be there!