Monday, January 21, 2013

Southeast Women's Herbal Conference

OMG, what a weekend.  I loved this conference even more.  It was kind of an eye opener.  I think I mentioned last year that years ago, when my boys were younger, I was reading about herbs and making some of my own tinctures and oils.  I put that all away as they got older because we are homeschooling, and contrary to the name, we do NOT stay home, LOL.  Just too busy, and my herbs took the back burner.  Last year really inspired me to get my herbs back out and I am so thankful to my good friend, Teri, for encouraging me to go last year.  Well since last year I have been making my own tinctures, oils, infusions, salves and the like. Just so much fun and really learning about the different herbs as I go and add to my knowledge base.  

(That's my friend Nancy in the picture....Hi Nancy!)

The few months prior to this year's conference I have been focusing more on herbs that can be found locally.  Which is amazing to me, how much is out there in my own back yard.  Attending the conference this year was an eye opener of a different sort.  Last year I kind of stayed in the basic classes, my friend was a moderator in that room, and I stayed there, learned a lot, was inspired, met some wonderful people.  Well I thought I would do the same thing this year.  So I started off in a basic class.  And quickly realized that I already knew what they were talking about.  It was still a great class but...well...basic.  So the next session I ventured into the advanced class, outside the door was a sign that said everyone was welcome but it was expected that you already have a basic understanding of herbalism and/or a background in medicine.  UH OH!  OK so I felt I had a basic knowledge of herbalism, but was my knowledge TOO basic, LOL.  And I was a nurse, but that was many moons ago.  

I decided to try it out anyway, just sit in the back and if it was way over my head, I could scoot out the back door without even being noticed.  I soon realized that this WAS the place for me.  I learned so much and really could sit and listen to Dr Joey Noe all day.  She is absolutely wonderful, knowledgeable  and a great teacher.  I sure hope they have her back again next year.  I stayed in the advanced track for the rest of the conference, and it was great.  It is amazing, I have always thought of myself as a beginner, still learning the basics.  

I am planning on attending again next year!  Maybe I will get my nerve up to go into the red tent.  LOL.  It is such a step for an introvert like myself.  I did watch the Red Tent movie, which was wonderful, and I highly recommend.  I am excited to see that Susun Weed will be speaking next year.  I think I have seen all the youtube videos that mention Susun Weed, as well as subscribe to her channel, and read her web site. I have been drinking nourishing herbal infusions for the past year and feeling great.  

Anyway that was my experience at the herbal conference, I encourage anyone interested in herbs, to attend. The registration page isn't up yet, but I see that the scholarship and work exchange info is up.  I will be there so look for me!

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