Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snow Boarding and Accomplishments

This is, I believe, the third year the boys have been snow boarding, and this year they are really seeing their efforts pay off. This is really one of the only sports that they have both taken an interest in, worked on and kept up.  I have seen progress over time, but sometimes I don't think they see the progress.  It looks so easy when you see someone glide down the slopes doing tricks, turning around, coming to an award winning (by my standard) stop, spraying snow up in an arching wave you could surf on.  It just looks so effortless.  And I can totally understand the bit of discouragement as it isn't so easy just starting out.  But they have really stuck with it, no pressure at all from me or their dad, but out of a desire to get better.  And today I could revel in their joy as they really saw the progress they have made.  Turns are easier, getting better every time we make that trip up the mountain.  They were just, and I love watching them feel so confident, and proud of themselves.

These are some of the moments that add to the richness of my life.  It also reinforces my belief that I don't need to "push" my children into anything, or to finish anything.  That when they find something interesting, by their own definition, their own inner voice will drive them on.  Their on self motivation is more than enough.  Their hard work is meaningful to them, and their progress joy-filled.  Something we can all celebrate with them.  What a wonderful self directed, passionate life.

Sorry no pictures today, too busy watching my wonderful, joyful  boys glide down the mountain.

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