Thursday, January 24, 2013


OK I am up to November with my pictures now.  This picture is of my son Dallen.  Two major events for him this year, as he turned 18.  He signed up for Selective Service and he registered to vote.  Amazing how fast they grow up!  And even more fantastic is that it is a presidential election!  How cool is that.  He is such a conscientious, thoughtful citizen.  He looked up the sample ballot for our county online then he and I looked up every single candidate, in every single race and read about each and every one.  He and I both had printed out the sample ballot so we could check the people we each wanted to vote for, and take that in with us.  It even brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy, to watch him cast his ballot.  Here in Burke County NC it is all computerized, so it was easy.  We voted early so it was in and out.  Waited in line maybe 15 seconds.  And he was so proud to be voting.

(Dallen after voting in his first election)

In stark contrast I was at the Driver's License Office today and heard a young woman next to me, she was renewing her driver's license.  The man behind the desk asked her if she was registered to vote, she said no. He asked her if she wanted to register to vote, she again said no.  Sigh.  I have to believe that people know what is best for themselves.  So maybe it is a good thing she isn't voting.

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