Thursday, October 11, 2012

Herbal Conference

Starting tomorrow I will be attending the Southeast Women's Herbal Conference, in Black Mountain, NC.  I attended last year and actually participated in the work exchange program.  For 16 hours of work I was able to attend for free.  This year I decided to let someone else benefit from the work exchange program and pay the price for admission.  It was so worth it last year and this year's line up looks even better.  Such a beautiful setting to begin with, fall in the Appalachians, doesn't get much prettier, and the crisp fall air is so rejuvenating.  I learned so much last year, many wonderful speakers.  And it just reinvigorated my love of herbs.  This past year I have been focusing on wildcrafting herbs and using what is local to me, my area, the pasture and forest behind my house...amazing what is in your own backyard.

So I am looking forward to the next few days.  Learning so much more, meeting so many wonderful herbalists.  And the being prodded in new directions, expanding my knowledge base, inspiring my curiosity about the plants and trees around me.  If you are at all interested you can still pay the "at-the-door" price and attend.  I will say it is worth the price!  So check out the site and if not this year, plan to attend next year.  I am sure I will be there!