Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have been on an organization kick.  It used to be that I could tell you where any item in my house was, I just knew where things were, where I put them, what bin or cabinet they were in.  But now it seems like this organization has slipped away.  And that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but some days I spend so much of my time LOOKING FOR THINGS.  I get frustrated, and just don't feel at peace being disorganized.  So I am working toward a better level of organization for myself.

One project was our living room cabinet.  Our house is an older house, built in 1950.  Has no storage except in the basement.  No real closets except small ones in the bedrooms.  We bought this hutch to go into our living room for things like computer accessories, paper, envelopes, general office supplies, candles and things that are used in the living room.  Just to make life a little easier.  We don't have to hunt in the basement every time we want to light a candle or find a power cord.  Now I didn't take a before picture, but before my organizing effort I would not have wanted anyone to look in this cabinet.  We had not cleaned it out in a very long time, it just needed to be cleaned and organized.  So here is the after picture.

Isn't it beautiful.  Now I am loving my new bins from Thirty-One.  No I am not a consultant, I just love the products.  They hold up so well and I can store so many things in them, they come in different sizes to fit what I need.  The products I used in this hutch include the Large Utility Totes on the bottom shelf, in Spirit Purple, although they look at little blueish in the picture. They hold my printer paper on the left, the center two hold moon circle kits, and the one on the right holds things for our computers, cords, manuals etc.  

The All in One Organizer, on the next shelf up.  Although it is sitting sideways so you can't see it as well, it is next to my candles on the left.  I have it in a bird print which is no longer available, but they have so many new colors to choose from.  I am using this organizer to hold mailing supplies.  I don't do a lot of actual mailing but occasionally I have to mail something so this has padded envelopes in it, regular envelopes, a little paper, and then stamps, pens, and tape in the end pocket.  

The black and white print on the right, third shelf up, is the Black Parisian Pop, and I have two things in that print, the one toward the center of the shelf is the Little Carry-All Caddy and next to that are two Mini Utility Bins .  The Carry-All Caddy is holding pencils.  YES PENCILS.  How in the world did I end up with SO MANY PENCILS.  Must have been a back to school sale.  I just love office supplies, LOL.  One Mini Utility Bin is holding cell phone stuff, cords, manuals, cases, etc.  The other Mini Utility Bin is holding misc. cords, to DVD players, car chargers, walkie talkie sets, telephone cords, battery chargers, etc.  

One step on my mission to organize my house....just a little bit.....

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