Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great Parents

I think I posted a while ago about finding the great parents out there.  It is so easy to spot the parents that are not connected to their kids, the ones who spank, yell, drag their children by the arm away from any scene.  But I love working to spot those parents that are just wonderful.  Not as "easy" to spot, for me, I guess because they just don't stand out.   But tonight I had the opportunity to see one great dad.  Jackson, the boys, one of their friends and I went out to dinner at Red Robin and there was a family of four at the same restaurant.  It could have been a bad situation, there are gamers of every age here at the Gen Con Convention, and it has been a LONG day.  Lots of walking and people, and noise, and it relatively late, for me anyway, it was around 7:30.  This dad was so engaging with his children, both young, around 5 and 6 I would guess.  He talked and giggled with them, a couple of "high-fives".  Then he would turn and chat with mom for a bit, turn and reengage with his children.  I so enjoyed watching this family, and you could tell how thrilled his children were, laughing, and talking and playing.  Gotta love it!  Keep up the good work you dads out there!

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