Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grocery Savings

Well I was working on the 2012 budget this morning, yes my "very favorite thing to do" :-(  I did discovery, however, that I saved just over $2125 on groceries over this past year.  I have been seeing it in my monthly expenditures and knew I had saved over $1500, but was not expecting over $2000 in savings.

So many people had told me that you can't save money eating organic so why try.  They eat organic and there are never any coupons on organic foods.  And you know, they are right.  We also eat, as much as we can, organic foods, we use earth friendly toilet tissue and house cleaners etc.  So how did I save this much money....and no I did not go store to store, shopping in different places.  I stuck to my usual two stores (Ingles and Amazing Savings).

First of all the bulk of my savings this year was from shopping store sales.  I didn't have many coupons at all (maybe $200-$300), but in just watching the products I generally buy, I could see that even the organic product goes on sale.  So when the items we normally use go on sale, I buy MORE.  I buy enough to last us for a few months (until it goes on sale again).   I also buy fruits and veggies in season when I can.  That plus the few coupons I use, saved about $1700 for 2011.

We always plant a large garden, but I paid particular attention to freezing and canning the extra this year, so we have more in storage this year, for the winter months.  I also planted a fall garden so we are still eating lettuce, greens, beets, turnips out of the garden, even now.  (Although it is REALLY COLD today so my lettuce might not make it.)  The extra fruits I bought during the summer, like local peaches and apples, are in the freezer for smoothies and desserts!

I also shop at Amazing Savings, have for over a year now.  So I can get discounted organic items there.  LOVE Amazing Savings, everyone should have an Amazing Savings near them!

And one final small item this year was making most of my own household cleaners.  I make our laundry detergent, glass cleaner, and general cleaner.  Not only am I saving a lot of money but I KNOW what is in the cleaners, safer for the environment and my family!

We also found a farm not far from us that provides grass fed, pasture raised, chemical free beef.  This, you would think, would be more expensive, but it is comparable to buying grass fed organic beef in the freezer section of our grocery store, plus I have the added benefit of knowing the farmer, and seeing the cows and the farm!  Along with this we have started raising our own broiler chickens.  We raise all we need plus a few extra for friends.  What we sell to friends compensates for the chicken feed and purchase of the baby chicks, so all our chicken costs us is the labor.  This was a decision we made over a year ago, so that we know what Phillip and Jackson are eating.  Not only is it "organic meat" but we KNOW where it is coming from, what it eats, how it is cared for and how it is processed.

Coupled with all of this was a savings in our electric bill this year.  As I hang out most of our laundry to dry (always have, just love hanging out clothes), and going back to hand washing the dishes instead of using the dishwasher, we saved a few hundred dollars on electricity.

So that is how I did it!  And for all of you that swear to me you can't save money and eat organic/good/healthy food, you are wrong.  Every little bit adds up.


Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

Fantastic! So glad you can see the savings and know what you are eating.