Thursday, January 12, 2012

After the Rain

For the past few days it has been rather dreary, overcast, on and off rain.  Yesterday it rained ALL day, did not stop for a minute.  We kind of huddled up and stayed warm and dry inside for the most part.  Comforted one of our dogs during thunderstorms, as she shook with fear.  Now this morning it is like the pastures are starting new, refreshed by the rain, enveloped by the sun.  It is so beautiful looking at the rain drops, dangling from the trees, the fog rising up from the pasture as all that water evaporates in the morning sun.  The day is a little chilly but the sun feels so warm on my face.  The hens graciously gave me 6 eggs this morning.  I may just take my cuppa chai out there, watch the hens play and bask in the sun.  Ahh life sure is good!

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