Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend at the Southeast Women's Herbal Conference

This past weekend I attended the Southeast Women's Herbal Conference, and had a wonderful time.  The women that coordinate were gracious enough to allow me to attend on a work scholarship, and for that I am so grateful.  Back years ago when my boys were much younger I gathered herbs and prepared my oils, and tinctures, used them in our everyday lives, made different infusions for my morning cup.  But over the years as we have become busier with homeschool activities, and friends I have put that on the back burner.  Always meaning to "get back to it one day".  This weekend just reawakened that interest.  For several years now I have intended to make my own medicine wheel/garden.  I even purchased a couple of books, as examples of how others have done this.  But never seemed to have the time.  This year I really want to make that a reality.  Maybe even just picking the spot and starting to prepare the soil, just a start but in the right direction!

I make time for homeschool activities, and conference "stuff", I make time to garden, cook most things from scratch, preserve food, raise laying hens and broilers.  I need to make time for my herbal interests as well.  As one speaker this weekend put it, just one herb at a time.

The conference truly had something for everyone.  And staying off site, I did not feel like I 'missed' anything.  I found the speakers to be approachable, knowledgeable, and insightful.  I would encourage anyone interested in alternative therapies, especially herbs, to attend.  I know I will be going back again next year.  Of course I am just in love with Camp Rockmont, the scenery there is breathtaking.  I will be back again in about two weeks for the Fall FLT Gathering, so will have another chance to take in that beauty!

Here are a couple of pics of the scenery.  And one of this wonderful mug I bought at the conference.  With, as usual, my morning cuppa chai inside!

Don't you just love how the sun sparkles through that weeping willow tree!

This picture is looking down toward the lake and the boat house.  And up across the mountains.

OK isn't she just too beautiful!  And holds a LOT of chai!

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