Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wonderful Trip Around the Sun

It's my birthday, I am 45 today!  And loving each and every day!  I helped celebrate a wonderful friend's birthday last week, and a woman asked her how many trips around the sun this made.  Oh that phrase, I love it.  It is just such a wonderful way to think about my birthday...Trips Around the SUN!  It just feels so connected to the earth, the universe and everything!  So humbling as well, my birthday in the scheme of things.  I had other things I wanted to write about today, but this took over.  I have had some amazing trips around the sun!  Another friend sent me the Jimmy Buffett video today!  LOVE IT!  Love Jimmy Buffett.  One of only a few artists that my boys and I enjoy listening to together.  Actually I guess we have more than a few singers that cross the generational lines, LOL. 

So for anyone sharing my birthday today, have another wonderful TRIP AROUND THE SUN!!

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