Wednesday, June 1, 2011


OK so not time yet, but I am working on Christmas and solstice gifts now.  I am not one for procrastination.  I like to be done ahead of time, no rushing at the last minute.  I enjoy thinking about the person and picking out things I think they will enjoy, or making things that fit their personality.  I love knitting socks, and matching up colors with people.  :-)  This is what I have been working on this month (well last month really...May).  I finished up two pair of socks that had been in the works but I didn't have enough yarn on hand, and even had enough time left to knit another two pair!!  Whoo hooo!!  I can see the list getting smaller!

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Lori D. said...

Love these! Very nice, Pam! I haven't gotten the knack of knitting, just crocheting. I remember Aunt Gloria knitting some beautiful stuff, and also your mom making me a beautiful chevron patterned afghan.