Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Breaking Down Barriers through online GAMING

Yes you read it right! Gaming!  And my two sons are right in there gaming with the rest.  It is their passion.  They love playing games, modifying games, developing gaming plots, creating 3-D graphics, game design etc.  And we have never limited their access to gaming or their screen time, contrary to more popular parenting philosophies. 

Here is a wonderful article about gaming, the Internet and how it brings people together.  One quote I think embodies the sentiment is:

“I believe that the Internet and gaming, especially those with social media components, can bring people together,” Esra’a Al Shafei, Director of the Bahrain-based MidEast Youth, an international student media group that promotes dialogue and understanding, told The Media Line. “I grew up in a relatively closed society, but there are no boundaries on the Internet like there are in real life, making it much easier to cross cultural and political boundaries and to create meaningful connections.”

Meaningful connections....Say it again MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS.

To read the complete article just CLICK HERE

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