Monday, June 20, 2011

They Are Following Me

It's not really paranoia if they are really following me...right?!  Well I was at the pet store today, and it felt like this mother and child were following me.  I was in such a rush to get in and get out, get home, back to my little bubble.  I parked right beside their car, not on purpose...really...I had no idea.  But I smiled as I got out of my car and immediately this mom started talking to the boy, about 3 maybe.  "Be good in here, don't touch anything, if you start whining we are leaving, we can't stay here long, don't touch anything."  YES she was repeating herself and she didn't seem to shut up.  So maybe she was just preparing the child for the pet store.  Maybe there have been bad experiences here before, heck I don't know.  I was just thinking let me get in and get what I need so I don't have to listen to this anymore. 

I head for the crickets.  We have two tarantulas that need crickets.  Anyway there was that mother and child, looking at the fish.  And still she was warning this boy "I said don't tough anything, look at the fish, I said look at the fish, here (drags him by the arm), remember we can't stay long, you have to behave, be good or we have to leave, no whining....."  Was it ever going to stop.  I wonder what the boy is hearing in his own head, is he hearing the Charlie Brown's Teacher's voice. Wah Wah, Wah Wah Wah Wah.  Does he hear this all the time everywhere they go until he drowns her out with something nice in his head, maybe a nice tune playing.  So I headed off to get dog food. And to find a decent dog brush.  We have a husky that is shedding bunnies around the house.  And when I turn the aisle to look at brushes, there they are again.  "Don't touch the cats they will bite you, don't touch anything, be good, we can only stay a minute, behave and don't touch the cats or we have to leave now..." 

It was just not ending, and I was wondering why the Universe had put them in my path CONTINUOUSLY at this store.  I mean the store is large, it isn't a small pet store.  So I head to the register, there is the mother and child, he was trying to see the dogs being groomed, on his tip toes, through the window.  And mom was still droning on, I was even starting to tune her out, LOL. 

I need to start making a point to write about the wonderful parents I see every day.  They are out there, I SEE THEM!  So that is my goal, to make a point to notice the great parents!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Heart Garland

I wanted to show a cute, easy, little project I made a week or so ago.  To see the pattern CLICK HERE.  I will say that I did not follow the pattern exactly.  I used a bunch of different sock yarns I had around, and I also used a #2 crochet hook.  In between the hearts I only crocheted, I think, 20 chains or so.  The spacing on the site just looked so far apart.  When I finished I took a damp cloth and ironed them using a medium heat, just to flatten them out a bit. 

But this turned out really cute, and I added it to a birthday gift as a neat wrapping, something you could hang up around the house or on your solstice tree.  Maybe I will do these and wrap them around some lights for next year's winter solstice lights.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wonderful Trip Around the Sun

It's my birthday, I am 45 today!  And loving each and every day!  I helped celebrate a wonderful friend's birthday last week, and a woman asked her how many trips around the sun this made.  Oh that phrase, I love it.  It is just such a wonderful way to think about my birthday...Trips Around the SUN!  It just feels so connected to the earth, the universe and everything!  So humbling as well, my birthday in the scheme of things.  I had other things I wanted to write about today, but this took over.  I have had some amazing trips around the sun!  Another friend sent me the Jimmy Buffett video today!  LOVE IT!  Love Jimmy Buffett.  One of only a few artists that my boys and I enjoy listening to together.  Actually I guess we have more than a few singers that cross the generational lines, LOL. 

So for anyone sharing my birthday today, have another wonderful TRIP AROUND THE SUN!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Breaking Down Barriers through online GAMING

Yes you read it right! Gaming!  And my two sons are right in there gaming with the rest.  It is their passion.  They love playing games, modifying games, developing gaming plots, creating 3-D graphics, game design etc.  And we have never limited their access to gaming or their screen time, contrary to more popular parenting philosophies. 

Here is a wonderful article about gaming, the Internet and how it brings people together.  One quote I think embodies the sentiment is:

“I believe that the Internet and gaming, especially those with social media components, can bring people together,” Esra’a Al Shafei, Director of the Bahrain-based MidEast Youth, an international student media group that promotes dialogue and understanding, told The Media Line. “I grew up in a relatively closed society, but there are no boundaries on the Internet like there are in real life, making it much easier to cross cultural and political boundaries and to create meaningful connections.”

Meaningful connections....Say it again MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS.

To read the complete article just CLICK HERE


OK so not time yet, but I am working on Christmas and solstice gifts now.  I am not one for procrastination.  I like to be done ahead of time, no rushing at the last minute.  I enjoy thinking about the person and picking out things I think they will enjoy, or making things that fit their personality.  I love knitting socks, and matching up colors with people.  :-)  This is what I have been working on this month (well last month really...May).  I finished up two pair of socks that had been in the works but I didn't have enough yarn on hand, and even had enough time left to knit another two pair!!  Whoo hooo!!  I can see the list getting smaller!