Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Signs of Spring

Well actually maybe it should say "signs of summer" as that is how hot it has been here the last few days.  What a crazy spring we have had.  Hot one day then cold the next, and weeks of rain and more rain.  We have had four limbs blown down in storms this spring, that is four more than all the years we have lived here up to this point.  So we spent the weekend cutting up wood and chipping up branches.  Will be nice this winter, when the weather is chilly. 

But the last couple of weeks have brought the blossoming of so many flowers here, and I love flowers.  I need to take more pictures of the flowers here.  But the azaleas have bloomed (not my favorite flower), and the magnolia is blooming now.  LOVE the smell of the magnolia blossom! 

But here are a couple of pictures of our hydrangea, the one right outside our front door.  The hydrangea stands for friendship, devotion and understanding.  What a lovely thought! 

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