Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I took a picture of Jackson this morning.  Long story short, a reconnected with a friend from high school and wanted to e mail her pics of the family.  I didn't have a great picture of Jackson.  I have one of him and the boys but all are dressed for snow boarding and you can't even see their faces.  I have one from the beach but he is surfing (or trying anyway) so he isn't looking at the camera, and really all you can see is the ever thinning spot on the top of his head, not his face. 

So this morning I took a nice picture of Jackson and thought I would share it.  You can also see the new color on our dining room walls.  That was a process, all 4 of us had a different idea of the color we wanted in the dining room, so after many samples we all agreed on this shade of yellow, and it is beautiful, especially with the early morning sun beaming in. 

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