Friday, March 25, 2011

"Everything is going to be OK"

Do you have an "everything is going to be OK" person in your life.  I think we all do at one point or another.  That person that you can turn to, that will just tell you "everything is going to be OK".  Even if they don't know the situation, they just know that everything will work out like it is supposed to, and in the end "everything will be OK".  My mom was that person in my life.  No matter what, or where I was, I could just turn to her and she would rub my back or run her finger through my hair and tell me everything was going to be OK.  From peers teasing me in school, to life all seemed so important, and in some cases I didn't know what to do, in others I did know what to do and was just nervous.  But my mom knew how to tell me it would be OK and I would believe it.

I am that person for our family, for Jackson and the boys.  I am the comforter, the person they turn to, that will help if needed and always tell them it will all work out, it will be OK.  But for the longest time after my mother crossed over, I didn't have that person in my life.  Jackson is just not the "touchy-feely" type, he can say the words but not convincingly, and I know he feels uncomfortable saying it, so I don't ask.  But I have other people to turn to.

I have a few close friends, all different, and each relationship different.  But one person in my life is my "everything is going to be OK" person.  I don't even think she knows that she is *this* for me.  But when I go to her with something I need to talk about, she will always makes me feel like "everything is going to be OK".  I am a very positive person, and I know (from my mother) that everything will work out exactly as it is supposed to be.  But sometimes it is just nice to feel it from the outside as well as the inside.  The way this friend touches my hair, bring me comfort (maybe because that is how my mother used to comfort me).  She doesn't even know she is doing it.  But if she walks by me and just touches my hair it brings back so many wonderful feelings, just a real feeling of comfort in the moment.  She is my "everything is going to be OK" person.  And I am so grateful she is in my life!  The Universe will provide!

I hope you all have one of those people in your life, to tell you that "everything will be OK."

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Nancy said...

Such a beautiful post. Made me teary! My mother spent more time yelling and disapproving of me that "everything is going to be okay" feeling never really came through from her and my father leaving didn't exactly leave me with that feeling either.I think that is why I have stayed in relationships longer then I wanted. I wasn't sure "everything was going to be okay". I still waver on that feeling but your friendship and the wonderful group of friends I am surrounded by help me know "everything will be okay" and there are not enough "thank you's for that!
Love Nancy : )