Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Knitting Scarves

I knit a couple of scarves this month, one for me and one to stash away for next Christmas.  I really enjoyed this past holiday season.  I knit quite a few gifts and had everything done well before Thanksgiving, so I plan to do the same this year, and am starting early,   The first scarf is for myself,  I just loved the whimsical drops and the shape of the scarf.  It was knit with yarn my husband gave me for Christmas.  The pattern comes from the ravelry site, which if you are not a member and love to knit or crochet it is well worth the price ...*free*.  Just join and you are in!\

I will say with this pattern I had to use two balls of yarn and follow the pattern directions for increasing, I went up to 40 stitches but actually could have gone even further making it longer. 

This second scarf is the one to stash away for Christmas.  I loved the wavy looking pattern of this.  It is very easy to knit and also the pattern is on ravelry.  I am really liking ravelry, such a large easily searchable database of patterns.  This was wool yarn I had on hand.  But I think it would be nice done with blue yarn as well.  Sort of like the ocean.  

I took this picture at night in my kitchen, which doesn't have the best lighting.  But I think you get the idea of the pattern.


Sylvia said...

they are both beautiful. I like the color play in the second one. I'm not sure it would be as interesting done in one color.

Did you use a multi-color yarn, and let the color pattern just develop as you knit?

Pam Genant said...

Yes it is a variagated yarn, reds, browns, blues.