Monday, January 24, 2011

21 Day Chakra Cleanse~Day 6

Today was a fairly busy day but always time to meditate.  It energizes me, relaxes me, centers me and is just such a positive part of my day that even a few minute meditation is important.  So today is day 6 of the Chakra cleanse, the third eye:

"The Third Eye Chakra, located just above the centre point between the eyebrows. It spins extremely fast, and is associated with the colour Indigo. It is the centre of visual, psychic and intuitive perception, and its’ attributes are clairvoyance, memory, dreams and vision. So we are now in the realms of the intangible."

Taken from this web site.

This was a very easy meditation, I find the darker colors easier to focus on and the third eye just seems like a natural focus of attention.  Giving thanks to my pituitary gland, giving thanks to insight, instincts, hunches, dreams etc.  Feeling the indigo color swirling around me, around the room, enveloping all that I love.  Just a wonderful part of the day.  Some days I feel like I could sit and meditation for hours. 

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