Friday, December 24, 2010

Tree Topper

So many things have been going on this holiday season, and I have been so "in the moment" that I haven't taken time to blog.  I like that in some ways, but I do like the documentation, the pictures, my thoughts as we are moving through the days and events, the kids like reading about them all. 
Today I have a spare minute to blog about our tree topper this year.  Last year as we were taking the tree down both boys mentioned that they did not like our topper.  Really it is my mother's tree topper, her second and last one, an angel.  My mother had always had an angel at the top of the tree.  The one I really remember was a plastic one that had a single bulb inside to light it up, one year the bulb melted the plastic a little and so we never again lit the angel up.  Some years later my mother bought another angel for the top of the tree and threw the old one away.  The new angel had a porcelain head and white body, I have seen them around, it isn't "one of a kind" or anything.  It had a small light in its hands and a few lights inside to light her all up.  That is the one I hung onto after she crossed over and the one we have used all these years.

Even after hearing the story of how we came to have possession of this angel, the boys just decided that since we don't label ourselves Christian, and aren't celebrating the birth of Christ, they thought the angel was not appropriate for our tree, and in that I can agree.  Do you know how hard it is to find a tree topper or anything that can be used as a topper that is NOT an angel or a star, something with real meaning for us.  We wanted a sun/moon or just a sun, to celebrate the solstice and the sun returning as the days go from shortest to getting longer. 

Well what Jackson spotted was perfect.  A dear friend of mine gave me, for either Christmas or my birthday last year or the year before, a sun.  It is glass, blue and green, with a small door in the back so you could put a tea light inside.  It has a hanger and I had it hung in the living room.  I took out the tea light "shelf" inside and we put some tree lights inside, attached it to the top of the tree.  Perfect.  It has sentimental and spiritual meaning for us and I am sure will top our tree for years to come.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  But my arms aren't still enough to get a nice "flashless" picture without getting out the tripod.  So you will have to imagine how beautiful it looks lit up in a dark room.  :-)


Julie said...

Pam, your words brought tears to my eyes!

You had mentioned earlier that you were using a new tree topper, but the significance of that really comes out in your post. What a touching expression of letting go a little bit of the past and creating a new tradition for you and your family! So glad I could be a small part of that.

Warm hugs and love,

Robin J. Duralia said...

I know exactly what you mean about too busy being "in the moment" to do documentation. I do "being in the moment" like it's my JOB! If documentation were my job, I would have been fired long ago :)