Monday, December 27, 2010


One of the benefits of living in the South, and one of the reasons we decided to settle here once we ETSed from the Army, was the warm climate and MILD winters.  I personally am not a fan of snow and cold, never have been.  I grew up in Maine with lots of snow, long winters, and cold weather.  I just don't like it, I don't like that feeling of being cold and never getting warm. 

So far we have had very mild winters here in NC.  Lasting only 6-8 weeks, rarely any snow, and if there is snow it melts away in a day or two.  We have not seen a white Christmas here since we have lived here, that is 13 years. 

This year we have early snow, and quite a bit of it, cold weather and a white Christmas.  I had to dig out my LL Bean boots, haven't seen those in years, and find gloves and a hat.  My boys have lots of winter gear, they have taken up snowboarding this year and dress to stay warm.  So they were all set.  I did go out and make the obligatory snow man, but then curled up inside by the fire with a book, and only peeked out to take pictures.  This was the scene at our house on Christmas day.  And I will say with the snow people stayed inside so going out with the dogs on Christmas morning it was so quiet and peaceful.  Snow falling around me, not a car on the road, no school buses, not even people outside.  I could hear the birds chirping, and the waterfall roaring across the road at the park, so that was nice.  I guess even the snowy weather will bring its moments of joy. 

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