Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Wreath

I have always made Christmas wreaths, my mother showed me how and I so enjoy making wreaths, the smell of the trees just calming.  But here all I have are long needle, pine trees, not good for wreaths, and I am not buying a tree just to make a wreath, so we are improvising.  LOL.  This year I made a yarn wreath, isn't it just too cute!  I found a blog with the directions, this is not the blog but it does have directions.  I did not use any type of ivy or vine on mine.  Just styrofoam balls of different sized up to 2 inch diameter.  Plastic colored Christmas balls, bells, a wire frame and hot glue.  We are just loving it, and when you open the door you can hear the bells ringing, so festive!!

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