Friday, December 10, 2010


This was the week for gingerbread, and so festive, and fun, full of friendships.  We really enjoy the holiday season, this week really made that feeling of home and warmth come to life for me.  Tuesday we spent the day at a friends house.  Another friend made gingerbread houses for anyone that wanted to decorate one and we just all brought candy and icing and spent the day decorating, chatting, drinking tea, and just enjoying each other's company during this wonderful season.  It might have been cold outside but it was warm and wonderful inside. 

On Thursday we spent time in Asheville.  First we went to the Grove Park Inn.  It is beautiful in itself but now it was all decorated for the holidays, with different themed trees, a roaring fire in the HUGE fire place.  I mean HUGE, I think an adult could stand up INSIDE of the fireplace, with room to spare.  The National Gingerbread Competition is held here each year and the houses are on display throughout the season.  So wandered around for a couple of hours looking at the houses and enjoying the Inn.  Then we all moved the party over to Barley's Tap Room for pizza, YUM!! One of my favorite places.  And a new one for us was the Double Decker Bus across the street from Barley's.  We packed the place and enjoyed some tea, coffee, cocoa and more chatting.  Just a wonderful week!!  Thanks to all my dear friends for making my family complete, for being there, for opening up your homes and hearts, and thank you for your friendship!!

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