Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Happy Holidays everyone, however you choose to celebrate. I am still unsure what to call what we do here in our house. We celebrate Christmas but not the birth of Christ. Some will say that we do not celebrate Christmas then because you "can't take Christ out of Christmas". But somehow we do.

We put up a tree and we do open presents on the 25th. It is a day full of wonder and joy. We all LOVE picking out presents for each other, on the sly. My boys know where their presents are kept (in my closet) and know they can look at any time if they like. BUT they so prefer the surprise. Even though they get what they want/need during the year. That special day is such a nice day full of surprises and family, being together. Not sure why we do it on the 25th other than that is when their friends are opening gifts, most of their friends.

We also make solstice bread on the shortest day of the year, we keep the fire stoked throughout the night and we get up just before sunrise to watch the sun as it comes back up over the mountains and trees to greet us after the longest night of the year. Then we go back inside and eat our solstice bread and have hot tea and cocoa. We make dream sticks, decorated with yarn, ribbon, etc. With writings all around our sticks of the dreams we have for the coming year.

We also have our solstice lights. Which I keep lit for as long as the bulbs last. This year I crocheted flowers for the solstice lights. This is sort of my tradition. Each year I think up another decoration for the lights and spend time decorating the lights, thinking about family, friends, all the great things in my life, and each time I look at my solstice lights I think of the many wonderful blessings in my life. Which is what I want to share today. Pictures of this year's solstice lights. Enjoy. And again Happy Holidays.

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